The Voice That is My Escape – S/He Is We

As with many people, music is a huge influence, inspiration and outlet for me. There is much amazing music out there across all different genres and I love what it can do for people both on a personal level and in bringing people together. There are many musicians and much music that I love and admire, but this post is specifically aimed at the workings of Rachel Taylor who is a singer and songwriter that heads up He Is We, who have somehow managed to never release a song I don’t like or relate to in someway.

This past weekend I got to see He Is We perform in London, they were awesomedary! Rachel also took the time to meet and talk with everyone individually after the show, which was not only unexpected but I got the opportunity to get some of my ‘Thank You’ out in person, granted probably not very eloquently due to my shyness, awkwardness  and general lack of social skills. Nevertheless, this was still a great highlight for me. She was really lovely, encouraging and she shared a bit more of her story with me. I also got the (not so deep) bonus of her making Callum blush because of his “nice face” – always fun.

Rachel also did an album as She Is We called War, a darker album but a ‘stand out’ one for me, as it faces some issues that hit rather close to home: the battle with ones own mind, anxiety, depression, PTSD and the feelings of being in, getting out and the aftermath of a toxic relationship. When listening to this album, for me, it’s as if Rachel managed to get into my head and heart and capture that and put what was there to music, giving words to what I couldn’t. This was really quite weird to hear as it was terrifyingly accurate, verging on feeling invasive, especially after a long time of hiding/attempting to hide all that was going on inside. It also gave me a way of sharing my feelings without having to sit there and go through them with someone myself, e.g. I could just be like: “Mum this is it, this is what I’ve been feeling etc, just listen to this”. It was a massive relief to find words that I didn’t have to compile myself and also to know that means I’m not the only one that feels and thinks that way, even if it was someone I’d never know.

So… Rachel, though I have now had the opportunity to meet you and thank you in person (and thank you for that) theres more. Thank you so much for who you are, what you do and how you do it. Thank you for the difference you have made to this just one person of the many that you have and will come across. I hate so much what you have gone through to be able to have connected like this, but I so love how you’ve channeled it, I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, and that you’ve been brave enough to share on such a public level, it truly is amazing. Thank you for being so honest and open and for sharing your talent. Thank you for making me feel less alone, less crazy and for somehow being a safe place of understanding without even knowing me.

And finally, as is often the case for many of my ‘Reasons Why Not‘, though I do not envy how you got to be who you are, where you are and how you are today, I do envy the beautiful person you are regardless of it all. Keep leading the fight on.

Thank You.

Elspeth x

2 thoughts on “The Voice That is My Escape – S/He Is We

  1. I love this, Elspeth! So glad you had the opportunity to not only hear Rachel ‘live’, but to speak to her and thankk her in person. Music so often has a way of expressing things we feel but struggle to verbalise. Very cathartic! Keep grabbing life by the throat and squeezing out all the joy from it that you were designed to embrace. Abundant life! It’s in the blueprint 😍. Love you to the moon and back ❤️❤️❤️

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